You Never Change Your Life Until You Step Out of Your Comfort Zone – Chef Bikram Giri

It is often said that success occurs when preparation meets opportunity. Now, opportunities will undoubtedly present themselves with time, but how are you treating yourself through all of the time spent in preparation for accomplishing your goals in the meantime?

A lot of hard work is required to achieve success in life. Chef Bikram, himself is a successful chef that he achieved from his hard work, dedication, patience, planning, and preparation. Treating yourself with kindness and encouragement along your life journey. It’s important to celebrate all victories large and small on the journey toward fulfilling your dreams.

Here’s the video by Chef Bikram, who talked about a story of a boy and his father about the unsuccessful time, moments,  happiness, and success. And also talked about the successful chefs of Nepal such as Chef Extraordainare Narahari Adhikari, Gorkha Dakshin bahu Govinda Narshingh KC, legend Chef Ganesh Bahadur Shrestha, legend Chef Puspa Thapa Magar, legend Chef Kedar Silwal and Legend Chef Ratna Bahadur Thapa.

Chef Bikram Giri
Producer and Presenter at The Voice of Chef
General Manager at Manny’s Eatery and Bar
Consultant and Quality Accessor at City and Guilds

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