World Human Chef Food Help Foundation – For Street And Homeless People

As the coronavirus spreads, unhoused people are among the most vulnerable to infection. Outbreak continues, the challenges they face have only gotten more extreme. Shelters are full, or closed, or too fraught with coronavirus risk to consider sleeping in. They have no access to get foods from the market as the whole country is shut down. They’ve been laid off, and there’s nobody on the street who can help them with the foods and money.

Even before the outbreak, many homeless people were left totally unsheltered, and with the pandemic, many of them affected badly. At these moments, we can see a mass feeding events are being initiated by the many people, foundation and social organization to help and support the needy and homeless people too.

Even in this difficult situation, we can see the humanity in the people. World Human Chef Food Help Foundation is a group of Nepalese chefs who are contributing meals to the homeless and street peoples who are jobless and lack of food. Due to this pandemic, most of the chefs have been terminated from the job but also the Nepalese chefs has shown the positiveness in the society through social work.  They have been contributing foods in different areas of Kathmandu around Pashupatinath temple, Sanepa riverside, Basantapur Durbar Square, Ratnapark, and Bhadra kali temple. More than 300 people are being served with meals in between 9 days. The team was supported by the Nepalese chefs who are working in different hotels and restaurants in Nepal.

Chef Tek Nath Nepal is the founder of the World Human Chef Food Help Foundation. Chef Suresh Raj Giri, Chef Som Raj Bajagain, Chef Ganesh Gautam, Chef Sudip Dahal are the members of the team who has been co-ordinating and serving the meals. The team said – A small contribution could be a positive support to the street people and jobless people to survive in this situation. However, the amount was not enough and the limited budget was collected within the group of members, the team is happy and positive to serve people who are facing the problems in this pandemic.

Some of the photos during the program

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