What are the Commis Chef’s Duties in a Restaurant Kitchen?

A Commis Chef is an entry-level position for new chefs. They work in the kitchen and generally assist the other chefs. Even though it’s an entry-level job, as a commis chef you’ll have lots of responsibilities when you first start working and as you gain more experience, you’ll be expected to do a lot more.

These are commis chef’s duties in a kitchen:

1. Assisting Chefs in the Kitchen

Commis chefs assist different station chefs in the kitchen. In most kitchens, commis chefs are regularly moved around the kitchen so they will assist different chefs and help to prepare ingredients and mise en place required for the operation.

2. Measuring Ingredients

Before it’s time for the restaurant to open, the commis chef will measure out ingredients for different recipes. Certain work stations need particular ingredients and spices ready for the chefs to start work. So the commis cook will measure these out and make sure they’re measured precisely.

3. Preparing Vegetables and Meats

Along with measuring, the commis chef will also help prepare vegetables and meats. This can be seasoning or marinating steaks and other meats. Chopping vegetables is a common responsibility and the commis cook will often come into work before the restaurant opens so they can get all the vegetables chopped and prepared.

4. Helping with Deliveries

Kitchens receive regular deliveries of fresh and dry ingredients and the commis chef will usually be there early to help carry and unpack. Helping unpack deliveries helps you learn where everything goes and learn about the general running of a kitchen.

5. Assisting with Stock Rotation

Stock rotation is an important responsibility in a restaurant kitchen. Ingredients need to be checked and used before their use-by date to avoid upsetting your guests’ health.
Stock rotation is a very important duty, commis chefs will be expected to assist as it can be a laborious job to do.

6. Cleaning Stations

An important responsibility of the commis chef is to tidy up and clean the different stations of the kitchen. Keeping the stations clean helps to reduce the chance of food contamination spreading and customers complaining of food poisoning. And another important reason is to maintain health and safety in the kitchen. Food and liquids on the floor can cause slips, trips, and falls. so, to minimize the injuries, the station and floors need to be clean properly.

7. Training and Learning

Commis chefs are expected to quickly learn the basics of the job. But your employer will be expecting you to continue finding new ways to learn and develop your skills.

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