The Development of Tourism And Globalization of Nepali Foods Is Possible – Chef Ramesh Pahari

Prithvi Narayan Shah, famously said that Nepal is a “flower garden of 4 castes and 36 sub-castes.”, it has come to this stage, just as the above various words have been used to convey hospitality and welcome, from which our identity is openly recognized in the world.

Four castes – Brahmin, Kshetri, Vaishya, Shudra, and  36 sub-castes are all within the system of four castes. Thirty-six sub-castes do not indicate the number here, it refers to many castes of Nepal. If we read the history, the creation of Nepal and the development of Nepali identity should be based on this. Now, misunderstanding has led to conflict, noise, and fear in the country, but if you think about it, you will love our history.

We have a different kind of heritage, culture, and customs than any other country in the world. We need a Nepali society where people of different castes and sub-castes have been living together in the same society since time immemorial. However, the development of Nepal, the progress of Nepalese, and the production of Nepali people are still not revealed to the world. Nepal is the second richest country in the world in terms of water resources, and we are rich in nature, religions and cultures, fertile land for agricultural work. Nepal is a country where people of different castes and territories eat different food. Nepal is a country of great potential and there is a basis for the promotion of tourism from all aspects of the country. There is no basis for our country to be effective in the field of tourism many times more than our country Nepal is an example of scientifically showing modern miracles to make tourism promotion effective.

The development of tourism in Nepal is possible because we have a lot of resources and tourist destinations such as mountains, hills, historic monuments, different cultures & festivals, and many more which can attract tourists to visit Nepal. So in order to attract such tourists (internal or external), it is not necessary to show extra beyond like other countries because we have enough resources to attract them.  As we can see many countries promoting food to attract tourists and promote their tourism such as Indian foods are being promoted in the UK to promote its own country’s development and tourism promotion, expanding Chinese food and business in Dubai. In order to develop and promote tourism in country most of the countries are organizing programs like the Philippines Food Festa, India Food Festa, and China Food Festa etc. They are adopting some methods to attract tourists and working to achieve their goal in tourism promotion.

Nepal itself is diverse and rich in various things, each caste has its own food, customs, rituals, and culture. Remember, there are 365 days in a year and these 365 days in Nepal are equally important in everything (Dasai, Tihar, Maghe Sankranti, Saune Sankranti, Buddha Purnima, Guru Purnima). If we can attract tourists and develop our tourism sectors we won’t be in a bad situation to join hands with any other country for the development of our country.

Looking back at the past and history of our country, when people celebrate an important day of any caste in the society, it was customary to distribute the food prepared on that day to others as prasad. The Bhujel, Tamangs used to eat in their special days, such as Yomari, Chatamari, Samayabji, etc which is made in the homes of the Newars. And the practice of eating and celebrating is still going on in different places.

Considering the current situation, the vision of Nepal and Nepali food by Chef Binod BaralJew, who was born in Nepal and became Chef in the UK, is working on to promote Nepali food through his campaign Nepal Food Relay, which would lead to the better and sustainable development of tourism. Globalization of Heritage Cuisines of Nepal  Act locally, think globally. Now we have to start from ourselves, to share the philosophy of Nepali food to foreign friends about food preparation and the way of eating it. In the same way, we should spread the originality of one’s community and identity to others from every corner of Nepal and share one’s food and information with different communities. Then it will be helpful to spread the foods from different communities and can be placed on the menu of every hotel and restaurant in Nepal. Likewise, the demand for Nepali food may increase and tourists would have entered the country and enjoy our Nepali food.

We are richer in food than any other country in the world. There is a special and unique food, special taste, and many more but sadly some Nepali restaurants and hotels do not serve our Nepali food. This could lead to bad impacts on the development of tourism sectors in Nepal. We have a lot of resources and varieties of food which could attract tourists and helps in the development and globalization of Nepali foods. So, if we all Nepalese joins hand and work together than it is possible to promote Nepali foods in international markets.- Chef Ramesh Pahari

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