Top 5 Foods of Nepal – A Unique Nepali Taste

Nepali Cuisine is characterized by its simplicity, lightness, and healthfulness. A typical meal uses only the freshest local ingredients, minimal fats, and an artful combination of herbs and spices. Nepali cuisine varies by region, from the tropical Terai region to the Himalayas, but most of the meals consist of some form of rice or other grains accompanied by dried beans, lentils, or peas, and fresh vegetables.

Most of the Nepali dishes are inspired by the indigenous Newari culture that exits largely in the Kathmandu. The condiments used in Nepali cuisine are interesting and diverse. The simple and pleasurable act of eating becomes an opportunity for both cultural and historical exploration.  As there are many Nepali dishes such as Dhal-Bhat, Dhido, Yoh-Mari, Chataamari, Batuk, Chukauni, Momos, Wo or Bara, Sel Roti, Samosa, Gundruk, Juju Dhau, Thukpa, Samay Baji, Choyalaa and many more.

Here are the top 5 foods in Nepal which we Nepalese have daily.

1. Dhal Bhat

It’s the meal which is eaten by all the Nepalese daily, especially two times a day. It contains “Bhat” which means rice in Nepali which is boiled, “Dal” which is a flavored lentil soup made using various spices and there is “Tarkari” which means a curry made from using various mix seasonal vegetables and spices.

2. Dhido and Gundruk

Dhido is a meal that is prepared by mixing and stirring the flour of either maize or wheat in the boiling water continuously. Gundruk is a dried and fermented leafy vegetables (which is called “saag” in Nepali). It’s prepared like a soup adding all the ingredients and flavors with potatoes or beans and the soup is called “Gundruk ko jhol” in Nepali.

3. Momos

Nepalese dumplings, momos, are usually filled with vegetables or meat and encased in flour-based dough that is then steamed or fried. Commonly eaten as snacks, momo is served with a delicious dip or sauce made up of tomatoes, peanuts, etc that can be strong and spicy.

4. Newari Khaja Set

Newa cuisine is the most celebrated food variety in the country. Mostly this dish is eaten by the people of newar community. It contains an overall 13 items as a whole can be served for around 3-4 people. It contains Bitten rice which is called “cheura” in Nepali, Roasted soybeans called “ sadheko bhatmas” , spiced and cooked in fire buffalo meat “choyalaa” , dried and spiced buff meat “sukuti”, wo- bara made up of lentil, boiled and pan-seared egg, mixed pickles (carrot, radish, cucumber, green peas, etc) and many more.

5. Sel Roti

Sel roti is a unique dish that resembles something like a cross between a donut and a bagel, although it’s actually made of rice flour. Crunchy, sweet, puffy, and soft, this delicious bread is deep-fried and makes a wonderful breakfast or snack. Locals serve it with vegetables, but it’s also great on its own.

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