Tips And Suggestions For Slip And Falls In The Kitchen

Slips and falls are very common in the kitchen and result from a number of largely preventable hazards. The fast-paced nature of the foodservice and culinary industries compounds the problem of slips and falls because the repetition of doing similar tasks can lead to complacency and carelessness. In the rush of the kitchen, it is important that all workers remain vigilant and stay focused on the job to prevent accidents.

To help prevent slips and falls, be sure to keep these tips and suggestions in mind:

  • Keep kitchen areas and walkways well lit.
  • Be sure all floors and surfaces are clean, dry, and free of spills that may be slippery or slick.
  • Clean up all spills immediately after they occur. Mark the spill if you are unable to attend to it immediately.
  • If you need to reach something high up, use a sturdy step stool or ladder and not a chair or other surface that may roll or tilt.
  • Mats, rugs, or other surfaces on the ground should not move or shift. Use no-slip under mats as needed to keep mats from lifting and shifting.
  • Use quality shoes or footwear designed for kitchen use. These shoes should fit properly and have an anti-slip sole and a fully covered top and toe for safety. Sandals and partially covered shoes are hazardous in the kitchen.
  • Anti-slip and textured floor solutions are useful in high traffic zones.

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