Things To Observe While Buying Whole Fresh Fish

For a home cook or those new to cooking an entire fish, making that selection can be a challenge even though savouring it is a real treat. When purchasing fresh whole fish, the following points should be observed:

  • Quality in fresh fish is determined by the condition of the skin which should be shiny and of good color.
  • In white fish, the flesh should be really white, not faintly yellow.
  • The body should be rather heavy in relation to the length, and the flesh plump and spring.
  • Eyes should be bright and not sunken.
  • Gills should be red.
  • For freshness, the fish should have a pleasant, slightly salty smell, while stale fish has an ammoniac odour, which increases with its staleness.
  • If the imprint of the fingers remain after it has been pressed, then it is not fresh.
  • If the scales come out themselves, then the fish is stale.
  • Raw flesh should not come away from the bones, as it is the sign of fish deterioration,
  • The tail should be stiff(not easily move) .

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