“The Voice of Chefs” – As Official Chef Media Partner, Best of Gastronomie Nepal

Best of Gastronomie International,  President Georges Grunenwald, and Best of Gastronomie Nepal Committee organized group meetings through the online Zoom app. 16 members joined the meeting, followed by 8 Gold Chef member, 4 Silver Chef member, 5 Bronze Chef member. In this discussion, the team has decided “The Voice of Chefs” as the Gastronomie Chef Media Partner for Nepal. This program is made by Vicks Media And Technology Pvt.Ltd and Chef Bikram Giri is the producer and presenter of this media.


A public platform created to educate fifth-generation chefs by first-generation chefs. Where legends and other faculty people educate the future of Nepalese culinary. We are overwhelmed by the enormous support and love by Gorkha Dakshin Bahu Govinda Narshingh Kc. Who has always aspire us to do creative things throughout our journey? Promoting Nepalese culture and cuisine of Nepal.  – The Voice of Chefs

Committee has discussed the open position for the Secretary(need to be located in Nepal). Gastronomie Master Class will be held, Paris in 2021. And discussed more to provide an opportunity for the Nepali chefs to write the Nepali food recipes which will be published in “Best of Gastronomie Cook Book” with the name and photo of the chefs. The recipe will be published in English and French language with a text in the chef’s mother language and signature.



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