Surya Kiran Shrestha (INCS) Contributed Rs 30,000 To World Human Chef Food Help Foundation

July 29, Wednesday Surya Kiran Shrestha a Former Deputy Head of Department, Hotel & Curriculum at NATHM, M. Phil. at Tribhuwan University and Ph.D. Scholar at faculty of Management of TU and mentor of International Nepalese Chefs Society has contributed a cheque of RS 30,000 to Chef Tek Nath Nepal, a Founder of the World Human Chef Food Help Foundation.

World Human Chef Food Help Foundation is a group of Nepalese chefs who are contributing meals to the homeless and street peoples who are jobless and lack of food. Due to this pandemic, most of the chefs have been terminated from the job but also the Nepalese chefs has shown the positiveness in the society through social work.  They have been contributing foods in different areas of Kathmandu around Pashupatinath temple, Sanepa riverside, Basantapur Durbar Square, Ratnapark, and Bhadra kali temple. More than 2000 people are being served with meals by this foundation.

As before, the International Nepalese Chefs Society has already contributed Rs 44,771 to Chef Bikram Giri, a Producer and Presenter of The Voice of Chefs for the social program Chef Social Responsibility.

Nowadays, we can see Nepalese Chefs are working beyond the boundaries. They have proved and shown the society that chefs are not limited in the kitchen only. Besides the kitchen, chefs are involving in social work and services. With the change of time and situation, the Nepali Chefs are working hard and improving themselves outside the kitchen. As well as with the influence of social work, most of the Nepali chefs are being closer to each other and joining hands together. These efforts of chefs may bring changes in the life of Nepali Chefs and Culinary history of Nepal.

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