Super easy pancake recipe

super easy pancake recipe

chef Amir presents

Pan cake is basically a British breakfast dish usually famous for its fluffy, tasty and sweet savory texture.

Here in this recipe I used multigrain to make it more healthy and served it in very simple method which is very easy and affordable at every ones home.

The shape of pancake it varies differently in many countries. It doesnot have to be a dish eaten only in the breakfast, you could even cook it during a day time or in morning.

Pan cake are traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday which is known as “pancake day” in Canada, UK, Ireland, New zealand & Australia.

For a healthy boost, try making your pancakes with whole wheat flour and using fruit toppings insead of syrup.

Per 2 pancakes:

Fat – 14g

calories – 520g

fibers – 0

Protein – 8.3g

Carbs – 90.9g



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