Spinach, Barley & Ricotta Salad – Chef Amir Thapa


Baby spinach – 40gms
Kale – 50gms
Barley – 25gms
Ricotta fresh/smoked – 15gms
Artichoke hearts – 6pcs
Cherry tomato – 3pc into halve
Sundried tomatoes – 3pcs cut in dice
Lemon dressing – 15ml

Methods of Preparation

  • Boil barley in water with 2-3 pcs of bay leaf.
  • After boiling, rinse in ice water to stop the cooking process.
  • Strain it from ice water and keep aside.
  • Prepare the rest of your ingredients ready. Lettuce should be sanitized, pat dry and keep separate.
  • Bring all the ingredients together and start mixing in one bowl except ricotta cheese.
  • Here I used ricotta cheese which is similar to our cottage cheese. We can even replace with cottage cheese or if you are vegan you can discard cheese and take the rest of the ingredients.
  •  After mixing all the ingredients, finally, Garnish with ricotta cheese on top.

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