Seafood Spaghetti (Spaghetti con Frutti Di Mare) Recipe – Chef Amir Thapa

A classic, easy seafood pasta made using a seafood marinara mix: mussels, shrimps, scallops, clams, octopus squid tossed through a simple, tasty tomato sauce. Made properly, the real proper Italian way.


Basic Stocks

Vegetable Stock -80ml

Seafood Stock -60ml

Lobster bisque/stock -40ml


Basic Ingredients

Tomato Sauce -30gms

Varieties of seafood (mussels, shrimps, scallops, clams, octopus squid) – 3 pcs each

Olive oil – 70ml

Salt & crushed black pepper – To the taste

Chopped Parsley – 20gms

Chopped garlic (Confit Garlic) – 15gms

Chopped Onion (Confit Onion) – 20gms

Micro Herbs (optional) as a garnish/basil fresh can be used.

(Important-Your choice pasta)spaghetti


Method of Preparation

  • First, gather all the required tools such as pan, tong, duster, large pots, spoons, pasta bowl, strainer, etc. along with the mentioned recipe’s ingredients.
  • Set your stocks ready on simmering flame (vegetable/seafood & lobster bisque).
  • Gather your mixed seafood which you prefer to add on your dish. Set a pasta boiler aside with the addition of salt and touch of olive oil.
  • Clean seafood thoroughly so that there are no sand or dirt particles on it. Remember that seafood must be fresh without any foul odor.
  • After that, put a pan on a flame on medium heat, drizzle some olive oil. Let the oil get to a sizzling temperature.
  • Take the seafood then sauté on a pan with medium heat; toss it nicely stirring in the meantime, add your confit onion and garlic. Don’t forget to season your seafood with salt & black crushed pepper to the taste. At the same time put your pasta on a boiler spread nicely around, keep stirring so that it won’t be sticky to one another.
  • Then, when you see your onion and garlic are getting golden color then add your stocks. (1 ladle=veg stock / 2 lobster bisque / 3 ladle seafood stock / 1 ladle tomato sauce). Check your pasta when it’s 85% cooked, remove from the hit and let it cool on a strainer drizzling some olive oil on it.
  • On a secondary stage, let the stock get reduced to half till then keep on stirring and tossing time to time.
  • When you see your stocks are getting thicker into a saucy consistency then add your boiled pasta and add freshly chopped parsley and finish your dish with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Check your taste of pasta, adjust the taste then finish it off.
  • Garnish your dish with micro cress/fresh basil then serve it hot.

(This recipe looks a little hard to gather all the ingredients but few ingredients you could adjust for example if you don’t have lobster bisque you can remove and balance it with fish stock. Also, you could change your pasta type and prepare with your choice.)

Hints: You can add stocks again if you think the sauce is getting thicker 

Just to balance & don’t forget to check the seasoning as well.

Hint from my Perspective: Remember never put butter in seafood pasta rather use olive oil to balance the richness and taste.

Difficulty level: Moderate
Time Required: 30 min prep & 15 min cooking

Recipe By: Chef Amir Thapa
Chef Amir is an experienced Chef with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. He is skilled in menu engineering, food & beverage, hotel management, menu development & teamwork. He is a strong operation professional with a Diploma in Culinary Art from GATE College of Tourism & Hospitality Education. He challenges and do the best towards success. With the span of 11 years in this industry and more than 5 different 5* properties abroad he has gained a good amount of knowledge which he feels proud of. However, he is happy to share his knowledge, experience & recipes to the talented and amazing young culinarians so that they could do the same and pass it on to generations & generations.

My advice to young chefs is when you start your career in this esteemed profession never look for money first, make your ground base strong, gain knowledge as much as you can then money follows you back. Work with big chefs, take ownership, and be active & motivated. Always respect ingredients and give your best to achieve justice to a Dish. Be proactive and creative to conquer the craft of hospitality/Culinary. – Chef Amir Thapa

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