dill pickle


Vegetables to be pickled are usually brined ( unless they are to be used in a chutney or similar mixture, then it is not necessary). Bringing removes the surplus water that would otherwise dilute the vinegar and make it too weak to act as a preservative.

Dry brining is used for watery vegetables such as cucumbers, marrows, and tomatoes. Place the prepared vegetables in a deep bowl, sprinkle salt, between the layers, allowing about ½ tsp salt for each 500 gm. Cover and leave overnight.

Wet brining is used for cauliflower, onions, etc. Allow 50 g salt to 500 liters water (sufficient for about 0.5 kg vegetables), place the prepared vegetables in a deep bowl, cover with the brine until tender. After brining, rinse, and drain the vegetables.

Spiced vinegar is used to cover most simple pickles; the finger used for this – and for all pickles -must be of high quality, with an acetic acid content of not less than 5%. Brewed malt vinegar is most commonly used, but for onions, cauliflower, and other light-colored vegetables, white wine vinegar may be used. For example Genuine Dill Pickle, Kosher Dill Pickle, Tomato Pickle, Lemon Pickle etc.).

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