One Step Ahead To Quater Final : Chef Santosh Shah – Master Chef :The Professional 2020

The first round-the skills test checks the ability of the participants to reproduce a demonstrated dish by the judges in a specific time limit – typically 15–20 minutes, followed by a presentation of signature dishes in which the contestants must showcase their skills through signature dish.

Santosh chose to present dishes that highlight his flair while staying close to his roots. The chef presented Nepalese spiced monkfish with Potato pickle, Sesame-Tomato sauce, and Bitter melon chutney. He also made Nepalese crackers, Jeri, reduce saffron milk. Saffron Bundi, and Mango kulfi.

Chef Santosh Shah has raised the bars for the budding young chefs throughout the globe. He has proven that you need not worry about your skills, because as long as you possess the passion, you’ll find a way to learn them.

With his creative Nepalese dish presentation in the competition he has successfully enter into the Quater final round.

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