Nepalese Chefs For a Social Cause – Chefs Social Responsibility(The Voice of Chefs)

As the outbreak continues to spread, hotels and restaurants have been forced to change operations, cancel gatherings, and even close. The pandemic and the lockdown has been a stressful time for everyone. The period has also given many of us the time to reflect on our lives, relationships, goals, and make new plans for the future.

The coronavirus has spread rapidly around the world since its discovery in early January, impacting nearly every aspect of daily life, including hotels and restaurants. Due to lack of business amid the coronavirus pandemic, hotels and restaurants across Nepal have been shut completely until the situation improves.

Without a doubt, the lockdown has been costly in terms of increasing hunger and rural distress. Even though, the time and situation are not good enough The voice of Chefs and the team has initiated the social program as Chefs Social Responsibility. In this program, the team will be contributing the foodstuffs such as rice, dhal, oil, salt etc to the needy people and social organization. For the initiation of this program, the fund was supported by the Nepalese Chefs working inside and outside of the country.

June 25 Friday, the first program was held and the team has contributed 15 sacks(25kg E) of rice, 8 kg lentil, 8 kg chickpeas, 1 cartoon box oil and 5 kg salt to the social organization named Pabitra Samaj Sewa Nepal , where orphan and disable children’s are kept and given care. The team has announced to contribute to the 5 organizations in the first session. The team announced that they will be conducting more social programs with the help of Nepalese chefs.

 The list names who contributed the cash to the team:

1. Narayan Thapaliya (Rs 25,000)
2. Naniram Giri (Rs 5,000)
3. Ramesh Giri (Rs 3,000)
4. Khim Baral (Rs 10,000)
5. Prakash Katuwal (Rs 3,000)
6. Govinda Narshing Kc (Rs 3,000)
7. Puspa Thapa Magar (Rs 3,000)
8. Ratna Bahadur Thapa (Rs 3,000)
9. Manoj Basnet (Rs 3000)
10. Shree Ram Adhikari (Rs 3,333)
11. Uddab Thapa (Rs 3,000)
12. Rajesh Maharjan (Rs 21,864.78)
13. Ram Thapa (Rs 5,000)
14. Shiva Raj Giri (Rs 5,000)
15. Bikram Vicks (Rs 3,000)

The team will be uploading a small documentary about the program and all the fund’s collection from chefs, through social media The Voice of Chefs  Facebook page. The team has appeal to the Nepalese Chefs to join the program financially or with the foodstuffs who wish to contribute. This program was initiated so that the chefs of Nepal could contribute to the Nepali society and help the people who are in need of foods and are in a difficult situation to life as well as uniting the Nepalese chefs through social work.

If anyone wishes to support the program and help the team then you can co-ordinate with the team.

The Voice of Chefs
Bikram Giri
Contact no: +9779851241993


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