Let Your Favorite Chef Be The Winner As Fab Nepalese Chef of The Year 2020 – Nepalese Chefs Abroad

Here, another new platform for the Nepalese Chefs around the globe to make the image and support the chefs. June 9, Tuesday Nepalese Chefs Abroad announces the contest through Facebook. Where you can vote to your favorite chef and make them the winner of the contest. Nepalese Chefs Abroad appeal to all the chefs to participate in the contest and support Nepalese chefs. Nepalese chefs from different countries and different places can be part of the contest and vote for only one chef.

How Can We Take Part?

It’s very easy and simple to take part in the contest:

  • Need to write the chef’s name that you want to vote.
  • Submit your name as well.
  • Send it to the Nepalese Chef Abroad Facebook page.


  • Both of them need to be friend with the Nepalese Chefs Abroad page.
  • If any chef gets less than 20 votes, there will be no winner.
  • Can vote only one chef.

Prize: Larousse Gastronomique Book or Cash Prize Equivalent $75.

Date of Submission:
Last date of voting: 31/08/2020
Result Day: 02/09/2020


A group of leading Nepalese chef based on Paris, Sweden, Austria, Dubai, London, and Dublin supporting Nepalese chefs and Nepalese Cuisine through online – Nepalese Chefs Abroad

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