“Nepal Food Relay” for Globalization of Nepalese Heritage Cuisine – Chef Binod Baral

The Globalization of Nepalese Heritage Cuisine – “Act Locally & Think Globally” a campaign to promote Nepalese Cuisine around the world, which was initiated by Mr, Karna Shakya. The overall objective of the campaign begins from Farm and ends with Fork. The plan is to cover Wholesome Standard Gastronomy and create pathways for Nepali Gastronomy and its contribution to the Tourism Industry.

“Nepalese Gastronomy is the practice and traditional art of choosing products, cooking techniques, and eating wholesome food. Wholesome foods are the ones that your body appreciates, the ones that help you stay healthy. The use of preferably seasonal, fresh, local products with uniquely marrying spices and herbs, pairing ingredients, and using the right cooking technique from the same provincial land is part of our gastronomy”.

As a part of the Globalization of Nepalese Heritage Cuisine, Global Research & Development Chef Binod Baral has come up with a new campaign “Nepal Food Relay” to promote  Nepalese Culinary, local foods & products for Tourism across the world, with his own initiative and leadership. “Nepal Food Relay” a campaign with a new innovative idea to support the local people, & empowerment of women.

The campaign will start locally from Kathmandu and then it will pass on to different cities or from district to districts, which covers all the 77 districts of Nepal and globally from London as ‘Pilot Project’ after end of this pandemic. A popular or most seller dish will be recorded from every district and the most presented and popular dish will be selected as a National dish of Nepal. The main focus of the campaign will be on the integration of local communities via food using local, regional, and seasonal produces with food hygiene & the availability of local experts. It promotes sustainable development from ‘farm to fork’ and advocate of women empowerment in the country.

Anyone from any place can get involved in this campaign to support and promote local foods around the world. It can be conducted in any hotel, restaurant, or any local or public places. The guideline and support will be provided by the team to those who get involved in this campaign. The team is setting up to make World Record for the Guinness Book of World Records through their longest “Nepal Food Relay” with a unique concept which is never happened before in history.

“Small Support from everyone can make history in the world and put our food in the Global Food map. Support the campaign for our country & National Food Identity”.R&D Chef Binod Baral


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