Most common herbs name in English & Nepali



Here I have collected as many herbs and spices I could in both English and nepali translation. If you are seeking for understanding the names of English herbs in Nepali or vice-versa then this video might be real helpful. Please go through it.

As we all know culinary is not only about cooking and serving but its also about knowledge of our produces and background of it which we as a chef must know. There are so many chefs who are facing issues of understanding the terms of herbs and spices. Most of them dont know either. But there is not need to be shy or hide if we don’t know. Learning is also a vital in the career of chefs. We should not only be a chef rather we should  be a educative chef who could teach others. Keeping those thoughts in mind here we have a useful video relating about varieties of herbs and spices both in English and nepali.



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