Mise-En-Place ; The French Term Used In The Kitchen


Mise-en-place is a French term that means having ‘everything in place’. In kitchen terms this become a popular notion around the time of Auguste Escoffier who is well known for his concepts of kitchen organization and brigade systems as well as for his culinary expertise.

The term ‘Mise-en-place’ may be used for tasks such as;

1. Preparing meat or fish items.
2. Making sauces.
3. Preparing garnishes and the various components of dishes.
4. Preparing and blanching vegetables.
5. Chopping herbs and preparing spices.
6. Preparing ingredients for dishes to be cooked to order.
7. Having the correct equipment/utensils ready for use.
8. Pre-heating ovens and other equipment.

Effective mise-en-place allows the chef to work efficiently in the busiest periods without having to spend valuable time assembling ingredients, garnishes or equipment and in completing basic preparation. It allows procedure and service to run smoothly within time constraints.

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