Meaning of Accompaniments

The food items that are served along with the principal dish to complete it are called an accompaniment. It is also referred to as a dish, sauce, salads, vegetables, certain meat items, cheese, pieces of bread, etc are some examples of the accompaniments.

Accompaniment must blend with the flavor, taste, color and should give the contrast to the principal dish. It should not overpower the principal dish. They add bulk to the dishes and give greater satisfaction, improve the satiety value and enhance the taste and also help to digest foods, provide moistness and give piquancy to the dishes as well as sometimes give the name to the particular dish.

Foods and their usual Accompaniments

  • Tomato soup: crouton or cream as garnish
  • Momo: soup, tomato sauce, pickles
  • Roast lamb: mint sauce, roast gravy, bread rolls, butter
  • Roast chicken: Roast potato, roast gravy, bread sauce
  • Roast pork: apple sauce
  • Roast duck: apple sauce, orange sauce
  • Fried fish: tartar sauce, lemon

Basic Rules for Accompanying The Principal Dish:

  • Avoid any repetition of ingredients that are already in the principal dish.
  • Avoid any repetition of color than that of the principal dish.
  • There should not be any repetition of texture.
  • Different cooking methods should be used.
  • The accompaniments should never overpower the principal dish.

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