Master Chef Challenge Nepal Video – Memory of The Chef

The Master Chef Challenge was organized by the House of Rajkarnikar and managed by Pacific Hospitality and Culinary Arts(PHCA) in the 7th Food and Beverage Hospitality Expo 2019 at Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu from 8th November to 10th November 2019.

The final of the Master Chef Challenge was organized at Birkuti Mandap. In the final round, the six finalists had to draw out a note which had the name of the soup. The finalists had to prepare a soup, which was mentioned in the note and the challenge needs to be completed within 1 hour.

The points were given on the basis of portion size, temperature, nutritional & flavor balance, food presentation, knowledge about the dish, timing, uniform, hygiene, work station, and cleaning.

Mr, Rupesh Basnet from the Pacific Hospitality and Culinary Arts was announced as the Second Runner-up in the challenge, whereas there was a tie between the first and Second Position.

After the discussion between the judges, the two contestants were given five minutes to observe the available ingredients and need to come up with another soup within 20 minutes. After the final challenge between the contestants, Mr, Govinda Timalsina from Hotel Shambala was the First Runner-up, and Mr, Suman BK from Hotel Vivanta was the winner of the Master Chef Challenge Nepal.

Watch the short video of Master Chef Challenge Nepal 2019

Video Source: PHCA

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