Karna Positive Trust Presents Zoom Webinar on Positive Thinking in Culinary Arts and Globalization of Nepalese Heritage Food

Nepali culinary, traditions, and foods are passed down from generations to till now with the addition of own taste, presentation, and different twists. Nepali chefs and cooking are mostly guided by basic principles and most traditional techniques in Nepal. But nowadays, the modern ideas and techniques has replaced the traditional way of cooking methods and techniques. Still, in some parts of the country, the traditional methods of cooking are being practiced.

In comparison to the western food, Nepali food is also delicious and healthier. Most of the westerners who came to visit Nepal, had enjoyed the taste of Nepali food.

Nepali foods are simple, but when it is well prepared, it is extremely more delicious then it looks. But unfortunately, the Nepali foods cannot grow and get popular as western foods. As we can see in today’s world, there is a big competition of foods between different cuisine, cultures with modern ideas, technology, and techniques.

So, to promote Nepali foods and culture around the world, most of the Nepali Chefs are planning to work on it. Here, the Karna Positive Trust has announced the Zoom Webinar for the discussion on Positive Thinking in Culinary Arts and Globalization of Nepalese Heritage Food. In this interaction, the speakers will discuss especially about:

  • Staying positive in the chef profession. Having a positive mindset as a chef during cooking and transfer positive energy to the eater.
  • Positivity in dealing with the guests, colleagues, and the entire team as a whole.
  • Serving with smile and decorating with love.
  • How to satisfy the eater and make them fall with your art?
  • Importance of ethnic and heritage foods as per health benefits.
  • How to work together as a Global team to promote our Nepalese Cuisine?
  • How to establish Nepalese cuisine in the Global market and role of each individual in it from a personal level, government level, NRN, Nepalese community, Nepalese diaspora abroad?

Karna Shakya (Philanthropist, Hotel Entrepreneur, writer) is an initiator & campaigner of, the Globalization of Nepalese Cuisine, Chef Bikram Giri is the moderator of webinar session and Legend Chef Govinda Narshingh Kc, R&D Chef Binod Baral & Chef Suraj Pradhan are the Speakers of the Webinar session. They have requested all the Nepali chefs to join the discussion on the online Zoom App.

You can register to join the session:

? Date: 15th Aug, 2020, Saturday

 2:00 PM Nepal Time ??
 6:15 PM Sydney Time ??
 9:15 AM UK Time ??

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