Hunger Relief Campaign – A Social Campaign To Support Covid-19 Pandemic

Expert analysis shows that there is direct impact of Novel Corona Virus outbreaks on Nepalese Economy as Nepal is fully dependent on other countries and imports. The more persistent shock is Corona lasting for longer than anyone hopes in this increased globalization.

Eventhough in this period of lockdown in the country, most of the organizations have started mobilizing assitance, help & support targeting the peoples like, street people, disabled, labours who are unable to have foods for survival.

With the aim of serving the society with a sense of social responsibility, Chef Suresh Basnet a TV presenter of Nepali Food Guru and Lions Club of kathmandu PrayasNagar has organized a social campaign “Hunger Relief Campaign” to support Covid-19 Pandemic. They has started serving foods from Valley Kitchen Restaurant and in Kanti Childrens Hospital to the sick children’s and their family until the end of lockdown in the country. Everyday they are serving to 100- 120 needy people. Foods Material are being supported by Bodhi Sattva Bihar in collaboration of Sheraton Culinary Hotel Managament Traning Center.

As mentioned by the Chef Suresh Basnet, he has started cooking meals at his home to serve almost 50 people per day. World Human Chef Food Help Foundation which is leaded by Chef Tek Nath Nepal and his team are also serving the foods to the street people and street workers. They are also collaborating to serve and help the needy people in this pandemic.

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