Grand Welcome to Chef Santosh Shah at Tribhuvan International Airport

Chef Santosh Shah, the runner-up in ‘Master Chef UK’ and the first runner-up, has arrived in Nepal. Chef Shah, who landed in Kathmandu at Thursday noon, was given a grand welcome at the airport. He was welcomed by legendary Nepalese Chefs and tourism entrepreneurs of Nepal. Chef Santosh Shah was greeted by the legendary Chefs, Nepal Tourism Board; the Global Academy of Tourism & Hospitality Education, Culinary Arts Institutes, and The Voice of Chefs alongside traditional Nepalese instruments

Chef Santosh said that he plans to move ahead with the objective of spreading awareness about increasing food quality. Chef Shah who plans to open a restaurant in the UK soon and also in Nepal said that Nepali chefs will get an opportunity in this. He says, “Hard work is our success, we have to learn to be happy with what we have achieved. I was happy when I was selling plastic bags and bread, now I am happy with this success. ”

Some Photos of Chef Santosh Shah during Grand welcome at Tribhuvan International Airport.

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