Ghee Is Nourishing And Healing ; And Use For Health Benefits

Ghee the medicinal fat

Ghee, the golden yellow essence of milk cream with a divine nutty aroma is one of the prominent culinary assets. To the world, it is known as clarified butter and is now becoming the favourites of not only the home cooks but also mainstream chefs and nutritionists as the experience its health benefits and enchanced flavour it brings to the dishes.

It is the purest form of fat extracted from butter by skimming out the milk solids that are formed when melted butter is heated at a bubbling temperature. Unlike butter, ghee can be brought to high temperatures without burning, which makes it a preferred choice of many French cooks to prepare sauces.


When it comes to its health benefits or medicinal values

It is important to mention the amazing healing properties of ghee. The older the ghees, the better its healing qualities are. It works wonders on our body both externally and internally. In Ayurveda, It is used to heal wounds, bruises, broken bones, servere skin burns, chronic ulcer, gut-related problems and much more.

Ghee may be composed primarily of fats but is an excellent source of Vitamin A, E, D, Omega-3s and other fatty acids that have positive health benefits. the perks of ghee doesn’t stop here; it is an energy booster, oit is good for your heart, reduces inflammation, has antioxidant properties, oit is an anti-cancer substance, good for eye health, promotes healthy skin, improves your immunity and can also be consumed by lactose intolerants as the dairy residue is skimmed off in its making process.

According to recents studies, it also plays a vital role in weight loss. Ghee has a type of omega-6 fatty acids which when consumed regularly and moderately helps in building lean body mass by reducing body fat thereby aiding in weight loss.

Now, that is a lot of unexpected health benefits to expect from a form of fat, But the facts is how important this medicinal fat is for our body. It is crucial to metion that ghee is made purely of fat and its excessive consumption can damage your health than benefiting it.

It is nourishing and healing but use it in moderation to enjoy its benefits. Next time you think of buying butter, try ghee instead and see the wonders it does to your food and for your body.

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