Edible Pearls are created especially for today’s world.

“Edible Pearls are created especially for the Gourmet Cuisines of this world.”


Sydney, NSW, and Australia: Gourmet Pearls A.U. today announced Gourmet Pearls, a new
product for the gourmet kitchens, hospitality companies and food creation establishments. The
Gourmet Pearls are a product of Germany and offer a new way for Gourmet Created Dishes.

                     Pearls have always stood for something unique and exclusive.

Our pearls convey delicate flavours that attack a person palate with such enriching flavours and textures exploiting any dish to become so seductively pleasing to the palate. They provide that certain extra quality and enrichment that any class Chef is searching for in his/her original creations. Fall in love from the first taste as it is an unforgettable experience no matter the filling; wine, spirits, mango crema or balsamic vinegar. By using only pure vegetable ingredients, the Pearls are even suitable for a Vegan, Gluten Free Diet, consisting of a magnitude of valuable proteins and vitamins. However, the focus is on the incomparable taste experience that the Gourmet Pearls have to offer. The possibilities are endless, and there are no boundaries to how you can utilise their unique attributes. With food masterpieces; whether hot or cold, they provide additional unparalleled accents because of the release of rich and original tastes produced by their contents. In terms of flavour as well as visual aspect, the pearls perfectly complement dishes; such as Game, Meat, Fish, Seafood, Pasta, Noodles and many more. As a finishing touch, use them to garnish Hors d’ oeuvres or the prize jewel on the crown with a dessert. The exquisite taste of Pearls is an outstanding expression to cocktails and drinks as they give them body and complexity.


Product specification

  •  Content is in a tin of 100ml. (65ml Pearls, 35ml Liquid)
  •  Price varies depending on flavour between $21.50 to $38.90 (retail price, inc GST).
  •  Quantity per tin is about 130 Pearls.
  •  Size of a Pearl is approximately 9mm.
  •  Cost per dish – number of pearls used x each priced at $0.165 to $0.300.
  • Servings can be 1, 4, 5 to 10 pearls per dish or cocktail.
  •  Shell is of wafer-thin wrap of alginate (description below).
  •  Pearls are safely placed and served on plates, in cocktails and on food at a surface
  • temperature with a range of minus -4° to 180° Celsius.
  • -Pearls also available in 1-litre glass jars (on request).

See a list of a typical Ingredient (slight variations from product to product):

  1. Ingredients:                   Agar-Agar, Water, Sugar, Modified Starch*, + main ingredient.
  2. Firming Agent:              Calcium Lactate
  3. Acidity Regulator:         Malic Acid
  4. Thickening Agent:         Pectin, Sodium Alginate
  5. Preservative:                Potassium Sorbate


Have your Pearls collection

Do you feel like having your own branded Pearl collections?

More and more wineries, distilleries and juice producers are discovering the potential of the high-quality Gourmet Pearls for their exclusive product range. Various customers distribute Gourmet Pearls under their brand and label. As a result of this, Gourmet Pearls A.U. enables every producer of wines, spirits, juices and other essences to market their drops as Pearls for themselves. We produce and provide for you exclusively the Pearls in a wafer-thin wrap of alginate. You design the label for the tin and the packaging – precisely matched to your corporate image. No matter whether it is the wine you produce or the spirits you have distilled. We present and bring the authentic taste of your product inside the form of pearl.

  • To produce a sample, we require a minimum of 6 bottles, 4.2 litres.
  • In Germany can we run a test production within two weeks. If you were already exporting your product to Germany, we would be able to get hold of some bottles from the local liquor or wine shop.
  •  One litre produces 15 tins of pearls.
  •  Every production run includes a compulsory pre biological test. Therefore a minimum production run of 1000 tins is required – price on request.

Unsuitable Pearl content is:

  •  No Milk.
  •  No Oil.
  •  Alcohol content must be under 50% per volume.



Production capacity for the wine pearls recently expanded to meet the high demand. We now can produce up to one hundred thousand (100,000) tins per month in Germany and could increase further if required. Each tin has an attached lid opener. The tins are the perfect protection against damage in transport and handling and above all preserve their taste in the best possible way. This ensuring customer, gourmet chefs, winegrowers, distilleries or other corporate customers that they receive the authentic and long-lasting taste of their pearls.

Vegetarian Statement

The shell (Agar-Agar) components are vegetarian approved and safe. However, we can not support the content due to the cleaning procedures of the barrels by some of the vineyards and production storage facilities.

We are conducting investigations into the use of the cleaning products at present and upon results published on our Press page.

Agar-Agar or just Agar

The Shell Agar-Agar is a Vegetarian Alternative to Gelatine, also sometimes referred to as China grass, kanten, or just Agar. It is a trendy vegetarian alternative to gelatine. The Agar is acquired from red algae and classified as a “gelatinous extracellular polysaccharide”. We use Agar as vegetarians and vegans do not consume gelatine made from animal bones, skin, and connective tissue. Some extra healthy addition and attributes to Agar can benefit weight loss plans due to the low calories, – fat, – sugar and – carbohydrates. As Agar travels through the body, it also absorbs glucose in the stomach, passing it through the digestive system quickly, thus inhibiting its storage as fat.


Gourmet Pearls can not qualify as 100% Gluten-Free due to the uncertainty of the ingredient Starch we are using. However, we are conducting lab tests on the “Starch” and determine the exact makeup.

Storage Instructions / Recommendations

  •  Keep the tins dry.
  • After opening, preserve the pearls refrigerated at 2°C to 4°C for a maximum of 3-5 days.
  • Shelf life unopened is two years. P.S. all tins are Batch numbered.
  • After opening the tin, open food should be treated in the same manner as fresh food, and should not be stored any longer than its uncanned version. If not used immediately, empty the contents of the opened container into a clean plastic or glass container, covered and stored in a refrigerator.


About Gourmet Pearls A.U. (Australia and New Zealand Distributor)

Gourmet Pearls A.U. was founded in February 2020 by Beat Süess and his Son, Thomas Süess (N.Z.). The aim is for distributing and demonstrating high-quality Gourmet Pearls for exclusive and upmarket hospitality in the Pacific.

We Stationed in Sydney, Australia and Tauranga, New Zealand.

Australia and New Zealand are well known for the pure and clean growing environment, and the quality produced products. Many high-quality wines (organic and other) have sprung up in the region which is renowned worldwide with highly decorated awards and prizes.

With the provincial, multi-culture and the ever-developing taste for excellence in the region, we are ready to find fascinating new products to be used in the Gourmet Pearls concept.

We are enthusiastic about introducing this high-quality product to the region. We hope to make a difference for much Gourmet Creations by local MasterChef’s, and it finds their place in Gourmet Kitchens around Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.


Address Australia
Gourmet Pearls AU
PO Box 111
Granville, NSW 2142
Beat Süess Ph: 04 87 87 8202
Email: info@gourmetpearls.com.au
Web: www.gourmetpearls.com.au
ABN: 70 600 702 457


Address New Zealand
Gourmet Pearls NZ
Mount Maunganui
Tauranga, 3116, New Zealand
Thomas Süess Ph: 021 322596
Email: info@gourmetpearls.co.nz
Web: www.gourmetpearls.co.nz
ABN: 70 600 702 457

Source- Gourment Pearls A.U

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