The executive chefs are the heads of the kitchens and they do all the planning and execution of the menus. They have to enact many roles in the kitchen and a parts from being skilled cooks, they have to lead the team not by authority, but by inspiration. They have to be mentors, leaders, and counselors. They have to know the skills of handling volatile teams, as there are always petty issues between the kitchen staff themselves and also with the service teams. 

The executive chefs are the role models for the budding chefs and so their job in the kitchen is very stressful. An executive chef has to direct and guide the food production team in providing a consistent quality of food and beverage in all outlets, as per international standards, in order to achieve the maximum level of guest satisfaction and organizational profitability in an atmosphere of high employee morale.©


The specific responsibilities of an executive chef. 

  • Drive the vision and the goal of the company.
  • Reflect the company’s philosophy by providing the highest standard of personalized and attentive, but discrete service in a professional and friendly manner, which exemplifies the best of hospitality.©
  • Always lead by example adopting a positive attitude to keep the team spirit at its highest level.
  • Greet with smile, colleagues, and guests at any time or place within the hotel, whether front or back of house.
  • Anticipate guests needs and wishes, and surpass their expectations.
  • Look continuously for ways to achieve the hotel’s strategic vision and goals by working as a team and being a team player.
  • Be committed to the quality and profitability of products to ensure that guests return and to aim to be the best hotel or outlet.
  • Be proactive in developing oneself by taking advantage of all learning opportunities, and by striving to achieve the goals of one’s personal career development plan and personal mission statement.©
  • Identify and develop new products and equipment, to enhance the product quality.
  • Develop and define quality standards of food preparation and presentation.
  • Ensure the quality of food preparation and presentation, as per organizational standards.
  • Ensure availability of stock and raw ingredients by proper planning and coordination with purchase and stores.

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