Duties And Responsibilities of Chef de Partie

In the Kitchen operation, we can see different levels of position according to their experiences and expertise. Starting from apprentice to head chef there are many positions which one needs to achieve through his/her talents, hard work, and passion. On the contrary, Chef de partie is one of the vital positions that are responsible for cooperation and guiding the team altogether.

As a Chef de Partie, we are responsible for supporting our seniors either sous chef, chef de cuisine in the day to day operation, taking care of daily food preparation and duties assigned to us through the seniors to meet the expectation and the quality set by the Chef in charge.

Usual Duties and responsibilities:

  • We must maintain the highest possible hygiene and maintenance standards. Ensure the highest degree of food safety as per HACCP guidelines to ensure that the food served to the guest is of the highest quality and standard.
  • We must instruct and guide the team through their daily requirements in food preparation to ensure that all ready to serve dishes are of appropriate portion and presented to the high standards set by the Chef.
  • Work in close cooperation with all other key departments in the Hotel to ensure a smooth operation.
  • Control the food cost by practicing the economy of inventory items to ensure sufficient supplies and minimize cost by avoiding wastage and spoilage.
  •  Support team and superior chefs for preparing menus, food costing, and guiding teams to achieve the team goals.

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