Chutneys And Relishes

chutneys and relishes and accompaniment


Chutneys are made from a variety of ingredients, usually fruits, preserved in sugar and acid after careful cooking. They are flavored with a rinsed of spices.

Chutneys are served as an accompaniment terrines and pâtés, salads, cold meats, poultry, game and cheese. They may also accompany a traditional curry (e.g. mango chutney, tomato chutney, etc)

Relishes are similar to chutneys except they are generally smoother and do not contain as much as sugar.

Fruits and vegetables for use in relishes and chutneys must be unblemished and well washed. Good quality vinegars must be used at 5 % acetic acid. (e.g. beetroot relish, tamarind relish, etc)

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