Chef’s Story-”Treat Every Single Ingredients as Jewel, Crown Will Be Yours One Day For Sure “- Chef Amir Thapa

CHEF” the word itself sounds so cool; it seems as if they are the only ones who have a great luxurious lifestyle. It was all started in 2010 when I was in dilemma choosing my professional career & had so many confusions. My elder brother, who has always been my mentor, guided me to perceive the culinary path as my future. I did research about culinary, foods, recipes and went through many chef’s success stories which eventually made me curious and at the same time excited to dive in.

In mid of 2010, I found GATE college as a better choice for me to begin my culinary education. At that moment, hospitality was the most chosen education as compared to many faculties. It was like a trend, every student after passing intermediate choosing hotel management as there next level of education, which I did as well. I finished my diploma and I got an opportunity to go abroad for my first job working as a chef in Dubai.

My first hotel was the Hilton Resort & Spa where I began my journey of cooking. I started as a commis in butchery learning poultry, meat, seafood & fish divisions. In the beginning, it was really tough for me to know so many kitchen terms, techniques, and skills that I have never thought of.

Moreover, in 2012 I was transferred to an Italian outlet where I started to know all about Italian cuisine where I gathered knowledge of Italian delicacies. I used to have a small dairy & a pen with me to note recipes, kitchen terms, product names, and many more which I rarely see nowadays with young chefs.

I finished two years at Hilton and I got an opportunity to work in the restaurant called OPAL by GORDON RAMSAY in 2013 which was one of my dreams to work with.  It was simply one of the finest bistros I have ever worked with. I got trained in various sections like pizzas, Garde manger, fish & garnish sections, etc. With lots of effort and dedication, I got promoted and got the opportunity to work in a fine dining restaurant called GORDON RAMSAY. It was the next level of culinary where I learned quality, consistency, time management, mostly discipline that every true chef most have.

In 2016, I move to another best property “Fairmont Dubai” in the restaurant named “NOIRE” (blind dining restaurant) which was a completely different concept than a usual restaurant. In that particular restaurant, I learned so much more related to taste, texture, and flavors of every single element on the dish. Allergens, vegetarians, vegans, gluten & pescatarians, etc. were the ones we had to deal with every single day.

At end of 2017, I got the opportunity to work in one of the finest hotels in the Middle East which were “Emirates Palace”.  There was a saying, the opportunity never comes by ringing bell, it just whispers. The moment you grab it, it’s yours. That’s what I did; I grab that chance and took the next step of my career. I and my team had to prepare daily soups, sauces, mains courses for banquets, functions, and any occasions happening in the hotel exceeding more than thousands of guests. Hence, there I learned a lot mostly bulk productions of stocks, sauces, soups, and main dishes. With immense pressure and attention to detail working in a massive team to deliver a top-class quality of food, was a tough day along with lots of fun.

As I always remember inspiration from Chef Gordon, if we want to become a quality chef, we need to work with better chefs. In fact, I got the opportunity to work with so many different nationality chefs Europeans, British, French, Asians, Italians, and many more which was fun together with sharing so many knowledge and ideas.

In today’s date, I am working with Rotana resort & villas in an Italian restaurant as a Chef De Partie (Supervisor) handling daily service guiding my team along with my senior chefs. HACCP, checklist, ordering products, creating dishes with chefs, training my team, and most importantly taking my team towards success together.  With a span of so many years in this industry, when I look behind and remember my first day I feel still I need to learn so many things. Learning never ends even though we work for many decades, every day we learn something new.

This is my suggestion to young and energetic chefs “remember your roots, learn basics, adopt knowledge as much as you can and work with better chefs. Get experience; explore different foods, recipes which eventually lead you to become a good cook and a better Chef.”

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