Chefs Story – “The Key To Realizing a Dream Is To Focus Cause Big Things Have Small Beginnings” – Chef Sabita Thapa

Sabita Thapa was raised in a middle-class joint family in a beautiful village Dhading. Her childhood was awesome, as she recalls. Everybody loved her and she is blessed with beautiful people around her. Even though her mother was not educated herself, she used to carry Sabita in a Doka (Bamboo Basket) and carry her to school. “My father used to work in the Middle East,” recalls Sabita briefly.

“The struggle of my father under the burning sun, and the violent force of my mother carrying me in a Doka for my education are really incomparable to anything,” says Sabita in a nostalgic tone. She started going to a playgroup but after a month her school closed because of a sudden strike. After that, her parents decided to send her to the City for education. Her early age was not an issue for her parents who were hungry to educate her better. She denied it and cried a lot but they didn’t listen to her and sent her to her maternal uncle’s house. “My journey for education started from New Millennium High school of Kupondole, Lalitpur. I was good in study. Trust me,” smiles Sabita as she continues.

She always used to miss her family and village. After 3 years, she came back to her village and started reading there with her brother and sister in New Mahakali Academy. But she had to change school and shift to Rising village English Higher Secondary School as her previous school didn’t qualify for teaching the 8th graders. She changed a lot of schools and it was tough walking an hour from the hill. Usually, she’d hitch-hike in random vehicles or travel for half an hour by bus to reach school.


Most of her friends lived nearby their school and so, having lunch and breakfast during the designated hours was easy for them. “Honestly, those 3 years (class 8-10) was really tough for me. I couldn’t even have my breakfast properly beside Saturdays because of the timing of school and it being distant from my home.” There are a lot of fond memories of completing homework and assignments while traveling on the bus or during recess hours at school. “A bitter memory still fresh in my mind- I used to pacify my hungry belly by drinking water and putting the NRs. 20 back in my pocket for the bus fare to return back home. But the bus’s journey alone wouldn’t make my home arrive. I would have to uphill alone for an hour, empty stomach, to reach home.”

Sabita is an ambitious girl with a vision. She never wanted to marry at an early age. She used to witness many of her village girls getting married soon, only to be confined within the walls of the kitchen. But Sabita was different. she always had bigger dreams and undenied faith that hard work pays well. Ever since she was a child, she wanted to be an independent lady. She successfully passed her SLC and went to Bernhardt college, Kathmandu to study Hotel Management. She wanted to prove that magic can happen in the kitchen if done commercially! She passed her higher education and went to the Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education. She is proud to be a part of the GATE Family. My special thanks to the CEO Mr. Khem Lakai for establishing such an amazing practical based school. She did her internship from Fraser Suites

And got selected in the college exchange program from Hotel Fachshule Thun in Switzerland. There, she got an opportunity to explore more about the global market of the culinary world. She did her management training in the kitchen in hotel Delta Park Bern and that’s when the magic started to happen.

She used to be a single piece of iron at the beginning of her courses. But GATE college has molded her into a pointed useful knife which is ready to move Globally. Because of GATE, she got more chance to explore new places and new things in her life. “Every new day gets me a step closer to my dreams and my achievements have made me believe in them even more.” Currently, as an Alma Mater, she is involved at GATE as Commi 2nd as a basic practical instructor.

The only things that she loves to do are cooking and learning many more things about the kitchen. We all know that our Nepali cuisines have lots of potential in the global market but we are lacking behind to present our food globally. European cuisines are ruling the globe by salt and pepper in their food. What if we come with an idea of hundreds of spices and our authentic food with a purpose? She has a dream of taking Nepali authentic food Globally and yes, it is possible if our Nepali chef starts to take any action from each and every corner of the world- from their workplace, from their homes.

“The Key To Realizing a Dream Is To Focus Cause Big Things Have Small Beginnings” – Chef Sabita Thapa

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