Chefs Story: No Matter How Much It Hurts Now, Someday You Will Look Back And Realize Your Struggles Changed For The Betterment Of Life- Chef Nabin Lama

The word “Struggle” a true inspirational word for my entire life which change my life from no one to someone today. I am proud of myself, my dedication, and my hard work. At first, I wanna thank myself and then to the entire people who have always been supportive to me as I have been able to do something for me from zero to now.

Back to the old school days, a black day of my life when I lost my father while studying in class 8. A small boy who was growing slowly lost the support of his whole life. After the death of my father, my mind got strike with full of different thoughts which made me depressed. I was in dilemma about how can I fulfill my smalls dreams without the support of my father. But my mother was always there for me to support in every step of my life who convinced me and help me to stay calm and move on to the next step of my life – says Chef Nabin Lama.

“Still my eyes get filled with tears while I remember these old starting days of my Career” – Chef Nabin Lama

In 1997 he completed his schooling and while joining his college he left his home and move to India for the work. He went to Indore(Madhya Pradesh) where his first step of hospitality career was started. He joined as a helper in the Pantry Bar. It was the toughest day because he has no ideas about the kitchen and the whole operation. It was the first place where he learned to work with a knife and cut his fingers much time while working. Because he was unknown about the knives and the cutting techniques.

After some years of work in that bar, he got some ideas and learned about the cooking and kitchen operation. Because of the crowded people and busy operation he was able to boost his working skills and his speed. Then he left the bar and joined the fast-food restaurant with a new concept of self-service in Indore City. These days were his good experience with lots of struggles and pains. But also he tried to give the best performance and increased his skills in fast-food operation.

He was back in Nepal in 2006 and after some months he got married. In 2007 again he got a great opportunity to work abroad in Abu Dhabi. He joined Abu Dhabi National Hotel Compass as a general cook. It was a day with a full of happiness and struggles, that a new step of his life began with a new team in a big organization. It was a great experience for him to work in that hotel and with a lot of hard work and dedication, he was promoted 2 times in between 2 years and achieved different Awards in the hotel. He worked for 5 years in the same hotel and moved to German Company PFS as a Senior Sous Chef which was a catering company. With an opportunity and time, he groomed himself with his skills and knowledge. He learned many skills and got knowledge of different cuisines and big operations. He got an idea to handle the big operation with multi-cuisine foods and with many new teams. Which made him grow more and professional in his culinary and hospitality career.

To experience and to learn about different operation concepts he joined Intercat as a Sous Chef. Along with the dedication and improvement of skills and performance, he got better opportunities in his career. Then he went to Qatar as a sous Chef in Amwai Catering Company. He got a chance to improve and learn more about the catering company and operation. After a certain period of time again he moved to the previous company as an Executive Sous Chef in 2014 and worked till 2018. During this period of time, he was full of confidence and full of different ideas of different types of organization. Because of his dedication and confidence in his skill and performance with different ideas and concepts, he got a big opportunity in his life. He was appointed as an Executive Chef in Global Emirates Services in 2018 which is one of the biggest foodservice companies.

With the continuous dedication, hard work, and struggle he got a chance to lead as an Executive Chef. With the experiences of different concepts on different cuisine and different organizations, he did his best for the company and in 2019, he returns back to the home with the business thoughts of his own company.

In between his career, he got different opportunities to learn and improve in the culinary and hospitality field. The global experience was far beyond then expectations, I learn every day but I didn’t quit learning because in every small thing or with every single people there something to learn. I enjoyed every company of the staff and the crew member, which helps me to boost and improve my skills and knowledge – says Chef Nabin lama.

Nowadays he is busy in his own restaurant Cafe Mandala which is located at Jaisidewal but now he has been providing his service from his home because of Global Pandemic and lockdown in the country. He is planning to open an organic resort with a homestay in the future. He believes that continuous hard work and dedication takes a man to a better destination.

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