Successful Hits of Social Contribution Campaign – Chefs Social Responsibility

Chefs Social Responsibility – a contribution of Nepali Chefs to the society besides the kitchen. As it was initiated by The Voice of Chefs. With the proper co-ordination and planning, the team has successfully completed the 7th contribution, with the fund supports from Nepali chefs around the globe. On June 25 Friday, the first program was held, named Pabitra Samaj Sewa Nepal, where orphan and disable children’s are kept and given care.

As the information from the team, they have planned to support and contribute to 15 social organizations as long as they collect enough funds. The team has contributed the foodstuffs such as Rice, Lentil, Chickpeas, Salt, Oil, Noodles to the seven social organizations. The team has collected a total cash Rs 2,76,616.59 of funds form Nepali chefs who are living inside and outside of the country.

In this campaign, we can see the involvement of senior chefs of Nepal, named Gorkha Dakhchin Bahu Govinda Narshingh KC, Legend Chef Puspa Thapa Magar, Legend Chef Ratna Bahadur Thapa and follow by Chef Shree Ram Adhikari, Chef Uddab Thapa, Chef Narayan Thapaliya, Chef Khim Bahadur Baral, Chef Bhavi Khanal, Chef Prakash Katuwal, Chef Navniet Verma, Chef Mohan Man Balaji, and Chef Bikram Giri.

The team said – we are following the track which is shown by our senior chefs. With the support and blessings of them, we are being able to contribute and be a part of social work. The feedbacks are positive from the public and with the help & support of the public, we are more motivated for furthermore social program. We are able to bring some positive changes and impacts on the Nepali Chef fraternity.

The name of social organizations that the team has contributed are :

  1. Pabitra Sea Samaj
  2. Mathatirtha Oldage Home
  3. Docs Orphanage
  4. Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre
  5. Perana Samaj Sewa
  6. Spinal Cord Rehabilitation
  7.  Aamako Ghar

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