Chefs Social Responsibility 2nd Contribution – Matatirtha Oldage Home Committee

With the initiation and the completion of the first program held on the social organization named Pabitra Samaj Sewa Nepal. The Voice of Chefs and the team have conducted the 2nd program on June 30 at Matatirtha Oldage Home Committee, Chandragiri Municipality, Kathmandu. The team contributed 15 sacks rice(30kg E), lentil 15 kg, 5 kg salt, and 1 cartoon box oil.

This program was initiated so that the chefs of Nepal could contribute to the Nepali society and help the people who are in difficult situations and in need of food in daily life. Chefs for the social cause, an initiation has changed a lot to the Nepali culinary and chefs. Most of the Nepali chefs are engaging with this social responsibility and the number of Nepali chefs is increasing day by day to contribute the society.

The list names who contributed the cash to the team:

If anyone wishes to support the program and help the team then you can co-ordinate with the team.

The Voice of Chefs
Bikram Giri
Contact no: +9779851241993

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