Chefs Knife And Safety Instruction

An all-purpose kitchen knife that is used for most types of chopping, dicing, and slicing with a blade that ranges in length from several inches to 12 inches in length. The smaller sized knives are typically referred to as mini chef’s knives while the longer lengths are known as traditional chef’s knives. The heft, weight, and balance of this knife allows it to be used for heavy-duty work with thicker cuts of vegetables, fruits, and meats. This knife may also be referred to as a French knife.

There are many safety instructions that one must follow, to ensure the longevity of the knives, and to prevent any accident.

  • Always handle knives carefully, especially when cleaning Anda sharpening.
  • Never leave knives in a sink of water. This is bad for the blade and presents a safety hazard to anyone who puts his/her hands into the water.
  • Always clean and wipe the knives dry before storing them in a knife box. A knife box has a magnetic strip inside, on which the knives a be stuck and the same can be locked to ensure that there is control on the knives, as most of the knives are very expensive.
  • As a general rule, hold the knife away from the body.
  • When carrying a knife in the kitchen, make sure the blade faces downward to avoid injury to self or to others.
  • When cleaning a knife ensure that the cutting blade is facing away from your wiping hand. Always focus when handling your utensils.
  • Do not attempt to catch a falling knife. Let it fall and get your feet out of the way. It is important to wear leather footwear for protection.
  • Do not hide a knife under anything.
  • Do not hand a knife to anyone else. Put it down on the table and let him/her pick it up.
  • When a knife is placed down onto a bench, ensure that the blade is flat.
  • Do not let knives hang over the table edge.
  • When using a knife keep your mind and eye on the job.
  • Use the right knife for the right job.
  • Always keep knives sharp. There is an old saying they ‘sharp knives cut vegetables and blunt knife cuts hand’.
  • Always keep the handle-free from any grease.

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