Chef Santosh Shah Makes It Through to Finals Week in the UK’s BBC One show Masterchef: The Professionals

Santosh Shah, the Nepalese chef taking part in this year’s UK Masterchef: The Professionals, has made it through to finals week of the BBC One TV show and the UK’s most prestigious cookery competition.

Cooking for esteemed chef A Wong in last night’s show, Santosh impressed with his stunning Yomari dish (pictured) – a Nepalese dumpling delicacy, stuffed with chocolate, cashews, nuts, chilli, orange and cinnamon. Santosh went on to cook a second dish for the judges, crispy chicken chilli, Indo-Chinese style, with crispy lotus roots, seaweed pickles, vegetable pickles, hot and sour soup and crispy noodles.

This was announced as the best dish of the day and Santosh was sent straight through to the final round, where he will compete against just three other chefs out of the 32 that began this journey.

Santosh has won the hearts of the judges and the UK nation with his creative flair and passion for Nepalese cuisine. As the competition draws to an end, Santosh is excited for what the future holds. ‘Masterchef has been an incredible and life changing experience so far and I am honoured to have cooked for some amazing people – from renowned chefs, to food critics and of course the judges. I will continue to keep learning and experimenting, to create unique Nepalese dishes that get people talking! My mission is to put Nepalese food firmly on the map and help to spread the message about how vibrant and delicious Nepalese cuisine is!’

Article By: Emma Hawley
                    Co-founder (CRU Communication)

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