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Here, we create, a platform for chef’s and foodies to learn, share, connect, promote and progress. The focus of Newa Culinary is on information for Chef’s, but we hope this will expand beyond our borders and could contribute something for chef’s. So why not become an Newa Culinary author.

What We are Covering:

We happily encourage you to write on the topics based on:

  1. Culinary News
  2. Food Photos
  3. Food Videos
  4. Food Articles
  5. Cooking tips and techniques
  6. Food Recipes
  7. Culinary Information
  8. Motivational article or speech for chefs
  9. Ideas for food business
  10. Development of menus and design
  11. Food safety and hygiene
  12. Pastry and baking
  13. Plating and techniques
  14. Beverage and wines
  15. Uses of modern tools and utensils

What will you get in return?

When you will become a contributor to newaculinary.com, you will have your own individual author page and you will be able to add your biography, website, and social media links, etc. you can also promote your own brand on newaculinary.com. Furthermore, you can improve your corporate branding for your customers and also gain thought leadership. Also some common benefits:

  1. Your work will examine sincerely and you will get real feedback.
  2. Also, You will be able to add a short form of BIO at the bottom of your post.
  3. You can build your image with fascinating writing.
  4. Make your identity among other authors and they will become familiar with your writing skills.

Requirements for becoming an author

  1. The Article Should be Unique and not published anywhere else.
  2. The article should be free from grammatical & punctual mistakes
  3. The article should have a minimum of 500 words.
  4. Newa Culinary has the right to edit the article according to need.
  5. A minimum of 150 words author bio should be attached to the article.
  6. The article should minimum have two images of 500*300 pixels