Bèchamel Sauce

mother sauce bechamel

A simple way to prepare one of the mother sauce ; Bèchamel Sauce


  • 1-liter butter/oil
  • 100 gm plain white flour (AP flour)
  • 1-liter warm milk
  • 1 onion, studded with cloves

Method of Preparation

  • Melt the butter or heat the oil in a saucepan.
  • Mix the flour with a heatproof plastic spoon.
  • Cook for a few minutes stirring frequently. As you are making a white roux, do not allow the mixture to color.
  • Remove the pan from the heat to allow the roux to cool.
  • Return the pan to the stove and over a low heat, gradually mix the milk into the roux.
  • Add the studded onion.
  • Allow the mixture to simmer gently for 3o minutes, trying frequently to make sure the sauce does not burn on the bottom.
  • Remove the onion and pass the sauce through a conical strainer.


To prevent a skin from forming, brush the surface with melted butter. When ready to use, stir this into the sauce. Alternatively cover the sauce with greaseproof paper.


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