An Invitation To The Nepalese Chef Around The Globe ‘Nepalese Food Recipe Competition’ – Chef Arjun Thapa

  • “If you can dream it, you can achieve it”. With the power thoughts – Chef Arjun Thapa and his team have decided to organize a Nepalese Food Recipes Competition to promote Nepalese Cuisine around the world.

This competition is going to be held so, it could be a great motivation for all Nepalese chefs and a great chance to show their talent in the culinary field. It is a big appeal to the Nepalese chef to introduce local food and their own creation through this competition.

Here, are some information to all the chefs who are willing to join the competition.

The Basics:
We are judging the recipe, not the Chef, so you may submit as many as you want. We judge those entries, make the recipes of the top contenders, and select seven winners. All accepted entries are displayed on the site along with your name and a short bio that you submit with your recipe.

Recipes are judged on originality (30%), ease of preparation or instruction clarity (30%), and overall appeal (40%). No preference is given to what kind of dish it is. An appetizer/starter/snacks or dessert can win just as easily as a main course. The lead judge panel are a group of five well known Nepalese chefs and hospitality education provider.

Legal Stuff:
This competition is open to all Nepalese chefs and culinary students from around the globe. Recipes must be your originals, though they may be previously published by you elsewhere. The copyright for your entry shall remain your property, but your submission to the contest constitutes your irrevocable and perpetual permission and consent to use, reproduce, and publish, transmit, distribute to the all culinary institution and commercial trade. Please note winner’s recipes may go to the many Hospitality institutions, commercial trade place as promoting Heritage Nepalese food in National and international market through government body, HAN and REBAN. This is not a lottery or sweepstakes and winner are not selected at random, but only by the review as described herein of the appointed judges, who will be announced later.


Appetizer/starter/snacks Catagories: Rs. 15,000 each for 4 winners.(must have 2 recipes)

Main courses ( meat/ poultry/fish/game or vegetables) Categories: Rs. 20,000 for 3 winners.

Guidelines Serving Method & Presentation:

  • Fresh and colorful, easy to eat closely placed items for maintaining temperature, hot/cold serving plate, stylistic but practical.
  • Portion Size and Nutritional Balance: 35/65 balance protein and carbohydrate. Weight boundary within the tolerance of total meal. Nutritional breakdown supplied.
  • Menu & Ingredients Compatibility: Do the recipe ingredients complement each other in color, flavor, and texture? Are the ingredients balanced in size and amounts?
  • Creativity & Practicality: Is the dish creative, showing something new or an old idea modernized? Can the dish be prepared for a party of 40 or more?
  • Flavor, Taste, Texture & Doneness: Do the specified major ingredients carry the dominant flavors? Do the components fit together? Are the temperatures correct? Do the textures reflect the cooking technique? is the sauce the correct consistency and smooth?.

The following factors go into writing a recipe — it must have:

  1.  A title
  2.  Number of servings and serving size
  3. Ingredient list
  4. Preparation method

Chef Arjun Thapa has requested to all Nepalese chef’s from around the world to join this competition and explore the Nepalese food. Stay connected with us, we will be updating soon about the submission dates and more about the competition.

If you have any queries about the competition then please contact,

Chef Arjun Thapa

Source : Chef Arjun Thapa

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