An Appeal To All Nepalese Chefs (Chefs Co-operative Society) – Chef Narahari Adhikari

Dear Nepali chefs,

Culinary greetings from Chef Narahari Adhikari! As we all are going through a long lockdown due to corona – 19 pandemic, there is very little for us to do at the moment, other than staying safe with our family members and experimenting new dishes in order to keep ourselves occupied. Some of us are busy with fruits and vegetables carving while enhancing our skills. In a way this lockdown is a blessing as we have ample time to make plans for the future. The present scenario has brought uncertainty into the lives of “White Hats” who toil several hours every day, making delicious food to please the palate of our customers, who are mostly foreigners. They bring in lots of foreign currencies making our nation prosperous and hoteliers rich. Today, we are without jobs with the closure of hotels, restaurants and eateries and putting our future into dilemma!

The present picture is indeed an eye-opener. We have been serving our masters for so long and putting our lives at risk while handling equipment and machineries and working before the fore walls and fire. The evaluation of our services is not worthy to be mentioned. They have reduced the salary of the staff drastically during the lockdown. During such time the staff will be paid only 12 percent from the total salary which is insufficient to meet the room rent and feed the family. The closure may last for at least 6 months and can be extended. There are around 11 lakhs chefs working in the country.

This makes me to wonder why the government is keeping “silent”. Is this world meant only for the rich and the affluent?

My appeal to the entire “white hats” community is to come together, fasten your girdle and look for a change. Let us also become master and create different jobs to suite different talented chefs in our community. Let us form the “Chefs Co-operative Society” and open up small industries manufacturing food products for the house wives. We could begin by starting up in 2 regions namely Kathmandu and Pokhara. Our products will be aimed towards Nepali consumers and housewives. I am knowledgeable to so many food products which we can assemble and market in our local areas. The raw materials can be grown in our village farm land or gathered from the forest,

We will have 2 categories of people in the “Chefs Co-operative Society” namely, chefs who will make the products available from their farmlands. The other category of chefs will manufacture food items from the factories. First we will stick to the above categories only. Provided the business expands, we could also set up a marketing team to market our products.

Some of the items on our manufacturing list would include agar-agar (seaweed gelatine). We can make this from the weeds gathered from Phewa and Begnas lakes. Lotus stem pickle, fried fingerling snacks, different kinds of achar, pickles, jam, jellies and smoked items from fish, wild boar, birds, chicken, duckling and Asian curry paste “Rempah”. These are only few to be mentioned and there are many more.

We could apply loan from various sources including the government of Nepal and World Chefs Society to fund the project.

I will share in the group the feasibility study report of this project after my idea has been welcomed. – Chef Narahari Adhikari

If you wish to know more and help for the “Chefs Co-operative Society” then please contact :-

Chef Narahari Adhikari
Mobile: 9845086892

It’s an appeal to promote the nepalese brand and products in Nepal as well as it could be a great chance to promote to the world. Let’s support the nepalese chefs, the products and help eachother.

We encourage all the chefs and the people to support for the “Chefs Co-operative Society”. So, it could change the Nepalese market and the daily life of the people.

Source – Chef Narahari Adhikari Facebook

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