A Journey From Cleaner To White Chef’s Coat – Chef Chandra Tamang

You’ve gotta start somewhere and achieve something good in life. So says Chef Chandra Tamang, whose career can be traced to a humble cleaner in a fast-food restaurant. Now you can find him as a Commis Chef and Carving Chef at Marriott International Hotel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Chef Chandra Tamang was born and raised on Kakani, which is located at the Nuwakot District of Nepal. In between his study in 2007, he started his first job from a restaurant cleaner. The time was hard for him to find a job and manage the study, and the problem of family, but he didn’t waste an opportunity that he got. He decided to manage with the small amount of his earnings from the job.

He was confused that, what step he needs to take and how to start the beginning of his career? He tried his best to manage the problems, studies, and problems of his life. He learned some cooking techniques and kitchen ideas while he worked in the restaurant. After working for certain years in the restaurant he decided to work abroad and applied for Saudi Arabia. In 2012 he moved to Saudi Arabia for his work but unfortunately, the first step to the Saudi wasn’t as good enough in his life.

Chef Chandra says;- I was motivated to excel in this exciting industry by the chef of a previous workplace where I worked as a cleaner. Due to the influence of previous work and chefs, I was flourished in this field. But the days weren’t good for me to engage properly in this field and work hard. I was motivated from the very beginning to work hard, succeed, and take care of my family.

He was not satisfied with the job and he returned back to Nepal in 2014. Then after again he tried for the next opportunity. He searches for a job, again and again, tried again cause he was rejected so many times.

But finally, he was selected for the position of the dishwasher at Marriott International Hotel, Riyadh, which was his turning point in his life. After the completion of his duty, he used to get closer with chefs and work extra more hours to learn from the chefs. Because of his love and passion for kitchen and cooking he used to learn with chefs while he was working as a dishwasher. He was so passionate about cooking that he used to follow the path of senior chefs, so he could get the ideas and learn from them.

After a lot of struggles and hard work, he got a chance and promoted to work in the kitchen as commis 3. In these phases, he works hard and groomed himself with different ideas, skills, and many more. He has a great passion for carving too. After the promotion, he upgraded his skills and tried differently than others. Even in his off days, he used to do research about cooking and carving.

“Life is too short to tolerate nonsense. Cut out negativity, ignore gossip, and let go of fake people and their drama.” – Chef Chandra Tamang

I used to question senior chefs and asked them about different food ideas and used my free time by using my skills. Chef Dill Bahadur Magar is my idol who inspired and support me to enhance my skills. I want to remember him in every step of success because he was my inspiration for carving and he was the one who gave me guidance about carving & cooking. Carving is my passion and nowadays, I am learning from different sources of the internet:- says Chef Chandra. Even though, these days are not good due to this Novel Corona Virus. But the lockdown in the country gave Chef Chandra a good quality of time to upgrade and boost his carving skills. He got enough time to practice different carving skills and do more research on carving ideas and techniques. As we can see his fine carving on his social media.

In the running 6years of his career, he has boosted his skills with a lot of hard work. He is challenging with his own skills and upgrading day by day with new and creative carvings. With passion, hard work, loyal, patience, and continuity of work he has successfully promoted from the dishwasher to commis 1 and can be known as the best and finest carving chef. Nowadays, he is being recognized as the best carving chef of Nepal with his carving skills posted on social media. He is one of the rising star chef of Nepal.

Some of the carving Images of Chef Chandra Tamang

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