An Appeal For Financial Help To Legendary Chef Krishna Karki. Caught Fire At Home Due to Gas Leakage , 3 Family Members Were Injured

29 September Tuesday 2020 a huge fire was caught at the home of our Legendary Chef Krishna Karki. A small family was provided a room for rent on his home. But mistakenly they forgot to close the regulator of the cylinder after they prepared their meal and they went outside the room for the market with the door locked. One of the neighbours smelled the gas leakage and begin to confirm the leakage of gas, where it came from?

When the family member of legendary Chef Krishna noticed, it was from the room. Then, one of the members went to check and turn off but unfortunately, there was an excessive leakage of gas which made them unconscious. When one of the members turn on the light to turn off the regulator, but due to the electric sparks gas cylinder got a blast and caught fire in the house.

3 family members got injured in which 30% of body parts are damaged. Now they are getting treatment in Kritipur Burn Hospital. The name of the injured people is Sunita Karki, Hema Karki, and Parbat Karki. To support the Legendary Chef Krishna Karki Chef Bikram Giri has appeal through social media to all the chef fraternity and Nepali chefs to help the family. Chef Social Responsibility Team which was initiated by The Voice of Chefs has supported and helped with the cash amount of Rs 50,000 to the family members.

If you wish to help and support the Lengedary Chef Krishna Karki you can contact with Chef Social Responsibility Team as well as with Harish Karki a son of Legendary Chef Krishna Karki.

Contact Details
The Voice of Chefs( Chef Social Responsibility)
Bikram Giri
Contact no: +9779851241993

Harish Karki
Bank Number:0320464730205001
Bank Name: Sunrise Bank

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