A Food Traveller’s Story – Chef Binod Baral

Chef Binod Baral isn’t just proud of his maternal Nepalese Burmese Heritage, it’s a constant inspiration to him in his work as a Head of Global Research & Development Chef. In this series of the special features of discovering ‘Food Trails’, Mr. Binod tells us about how nature, culture, and community has had influenced his trade. Probably he is the most traveled Nepalese origin Chef yet. He has been 77 countries using the 2 British passports from the UK Home office for the frequent travelers as Head of Research and Development Chef International Gourmet Entertainment Company.

The company happily looks after 65 airlines globally and also does catering services for most of the high-end events such as Formula 1, ATP tennis few to name. He has a valid reason for needing a second passport, though it is not guaranteed that you will be granted one. The most common applications for a second passport are frequent business travelers in his case Frequent traveler Chef. Mr. Binod has plans to visit all the 77 districts of Nepal to discover various ‘Food Trails’ of these districts.

”One of my strongest childhood memories is making on a Saturday late lunch that’s the weekly national off day and just before movies time from one and only National Television,” says Binod Baral “The aroma of Saturday Goat curry made by mum and fried fish when he was in Mama ko Ghar in Malekhu are his food heaven. I have always linked food with local nature, communities and culture, and their cooking technique and serving style a serving environment.”

Chef Baral has been in the kitchen from a very early age to help run his family business. “I was a student of science and bear a good knowledge of computers based on the time era of my studies. My passion and enthusiasm towards food, however, have altogether made me a ‘Food Trails’ discoverer and a storyteller.”

Mr. Baral strongly believes that his native country food can make people travel to satisfy their appetites. He plans to make hygienic, safe, and well-regulated places for destination eatery to promote the gastronomic tourism of Nepal. He adds, “Food is not only a part of the culture, but it also came from nature- it is life-giving, and it brings the whole family, community, and nation together.”

He also happens to strongly advocate in favor of gastro-diplomacy. “I love nothing more than pairing and marrying of spices with local produce. Selection of humble seasonal vegetables served with ancient grain with some naturally fermented Nepalese style of Pickle called Purano achar.” Chef Baral will tell Food Travel Stories through the section ‘Food Trails’ about Food as Medicine, communities’ specialties of food and drinks, forgotten food of Nepal, heritage cuisine of Nepal, natural and seasonal food of Nepal.

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