35 different pastas-By Chef Amir

35 types of pastas

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Pasta is a food which is basically made with dough of flour, wheat, semolina mix with water, egg rolled into sheets and cut into various designs. Normally it is served with varieties of sauces for instance tomato, béchamel, pesto, bolognaise, ragu, concasse, bisque and many more derivatives.

There is no any exact recipes of making pasta dough; however, every chefs have their own method but ingredients they use are almost all similar. Flour, semolina, egg, water are basics and additional to that like colors, spinach, saffron, squid ink, turmeric, herbs etc.

Hence, I have given time to collect these detailed types of pastas so that the chefs eager to learn the significance and detailed  about it.

This video is related specially to those who are eager to learn Italian pastas and its types. I have collected 35 different types of it and with full descriptions. I am sure it must be helpful to dedicated chefs like us. Please go through the video and share it if you find it useful.


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