Peanuts Sadheko



Peanuts sadheko is one of the appetizer and snacks of Nepal. It taste sour and little spicy. It is easy to prepare at home and  it takes just 5 min to get ready. It is delicious and mouth watering.  Anyone can prepare easily. Here is the recipe of peanuts sadheko as listed below.


  • Peanuts 100 gm
  • Onion 20 gm
  • Tomato 20 gm
  • Green chilly 5 gm
  • Salt as required
  • Chat masala2 gm
  • Lemon 1 no.
  • Fresh Coriander leaf 5 gm
  • Garlic 2 gm, julienne cut
  • Ginger 2 gm, julieene cut
  • Hot sauce as required
  • sesame oil 5 ml for flavour



  • Cut onion, tomato, green chilly, ginger, garlic and keep aside.
  • Put peanuts, salt, chat masala, lemon, hot sauce and cutted ingredients in a bowl and mix it well.
  • Garnish with fresh chopped coriander.
  • serve with side salad like carrot, cucumber etc



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