101 Days Ethnic Food Tour – Chef Prem Lal Tamang

Chef Prem lal Tamang, well known as a culinary trainee, instructor, secretary at Global Nepalese Chef Federation, and 101 days Nepalese Ethnic Food Researcher.

With the motto of exploring authentic Nepali food and taste, which has been undergone and going to be disappearance along with the growth of different international cuisines in the country. Changing lifestyle and availability of western fast foods, culture, and Nepalese foods are being ignored by the people. Due to the influence of western food and culture, there were only a few availability of Nepali foods that can be introduced in the market.

Loosing of Nepali taste and food in the market, it inspired Chef Prem to explore Nepalese authentic food and started his project “101 Days Nepalese Ethnic Food Tour”. He started his project 101 days food tour from Birtamod, Jhapa on 30 September 2019 and ended his journey on 9 January  2020 in Bake of western Nepal. During this tour, he has been able to identify more than 600 authentic Nepali cuisines, from all over Nepal. He traveled 65 districts out of 75 districts in this tour. He stayed at the houses of different people of different cast and culture. From where, he got opportunities to learn more about the ethnic foods and taste. In every community and culture, he discovered their own unique food, taste, uses of herbs and spices, cooking methods, and many more.

Every food has its own story, symbol, cultural history considering the human health. He interact with elders about the food recipes, history, nutritional values, cooking methods, and more. He found that the foods are prepared to suit the changing season along with a changes of temperature cold, hot, and moderate. He got a chance to learn the traditional tools and utensils on how to use it!

With ongoing challenges of western cuisines and foods, he planned to prepare recipes of all these cuisines with its historic food stories and importance which he has collected through his food tour. He will be publishing the book very soon in which he will include the journey of the tour, food history, cuisines, spices that are used for the flavour and taste.

Although it was not an easy task to do and a lot of hard work, time and dedication are required to complete these projects. There were so many problems that he suffered during his tour such as finances, health, resources, climate, people, and many more. Even though without any sponsors, he expenses his own money to research authentic foods and cuisine. With the help of family and friends, he tries to explore and save the authentic foods and cuisine of Nepal, so it could be a contribution to today’s generation as well as to the next generation about the local foods of Nepal.

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